De’Lunula Screeners Returns to The Trunk Space

De'Lunula 01De’Lunula, a Phoenix publishing and production company, returns to The Trunk Space this weekend for the second installment of their ongoing film series. De’Lunula Screeners 2: Revenge is Unneccessary  promises more of the strange forays into experimental fimmaking that marked their premiere event which took place earlier this year.

On May 22nd, you can fill your eye holes with the bizarre amalgamation of images De’Lunula has assembled for your expansive viewing experience. Troy Farah, with the help of Rembrandt Quiballo, are the men behind De’Lunula who organized the film screening event. According to Farah, the intended goal of Screeners “is to make you feel like you’ve just woken up from a otherworldly nightmare, but you can’t remember the details.” But that doesn’t mean they’re going for cheap shock. They’re not selling sex and violence, but they are going to be pushing boundaries.

Participating filmmakers for De’Lunula Screeners 2: Revenge is Unneccessary include Rembrandt Quiballo, Eli Kluger, Ben Kitnick, Rachel Yurkovich, Regan Henley, and Mikey Estes as well as event-organizer Troy Farah.

De’Lunula received submissions from all across the country for their most recent installment of Screeners. In regards to the selection process, Farah stated, “if the video doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable or unhappy or uneasy or un-[insert gross, pitiful state of being here], then it doesn’t make the cut. I find myself consistently pushing my own mind to the limits to find this material and some of it even I can’t take.”

Farah admits the screening might not be an event for everyone even though it is all-ages. According to Troy, “Last time, three people walked out. We hope at least ten will walk out this time. Maybe it’ll be you!”

The films gathered are intended to directly confront the desensitization we all experience as a component of modern day living. Although he may hate the word “desensitize”, Farah contends that it something we all must address. In our exchange about the impending event, Troy wrote, “Our hypervisual culture has overexposed us to death and perversion and in the process, we have become robotic and soulless and unresponsive to the very reality we create.” De’Lunula seeks to face this challege head on through direct interface with your brain. That’s something we can get behind.

For more information about the De’Lunula Screeners 2: Revenge is Unneccessary, head to the event page here. Word has it, Phoenix artist and scavenger hunt mastermind NXOEED will be hiding work near the event so keep an eye out! And, as an added bonus, we have the trailer for Screeners 2, right here…


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