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That feisty punk duo known as Shovel came down to Radio Phoenix to join us live on the air. They brought along some great tracks from other Arizona-based acts. You can see the complete playlist below.


Shovel “Cramps”

The Pork Torta “RIF PAC”

Mickey & the Mountains “Freezing Rain”

Cherie Cherie “Down Down Down”

The Necronauts “Stevie’s Deal (lovesick dropout)”

Lenguas Largas “No Wrong No Right”

Button Struggler “White Van”

Shovel “Pretty Girl”

JJCnV “Piggy”

Playboy Manbaby “Moldy Cannoli”

Twin Ponies “1B-Exuviae”

No Volcano “Tribute”

Detached Objects “Healing Cream”

Ray Reeves “Verde”

Shovel “Panties”

Originally aired on February 2, 2015.

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