9 Music Blogs You Should Check Out (and Maybe Submit Music To)

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Digital Tour Bus

Uh… this blog is pretty cool. Digital Tour Bus takes readers “on tour” with bands with series like “Crazy Tour Stories” or “Bus Invaders” and a host of  additional regular features. This is an especially helpful spot for bands thinking about hitting the road, looking to promote a tour, or just interested in the in-and-outs of #tourlife. Make sure Digital Tour Bus is on your radar.

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Hip Hop Headquarters

Hip Hop Headquarters (or TripleHQ) has amassed quite the following by going beyond mere music coverage into marketing, branding, and other PR issues that plague contemporary music-makers. That’s because MUSIC is a BUSINESS for anyone looking to go pro. TripleHQ offers guidance to musicians on the up-and-up. And, of course, they cover a lot of Hip Hop too. From mixtapes to music videos, Hip Hop Headquarters out of the ATL has it all.

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For your ambient / electronica needs, I suggest looking to Disquiet which meets at the crux of sound, culture, and technology. Marc Weidenbaum has been running the San Francisco-based blog since 1996. How’s that for street cred? And, BTW, Weidenbaum contributed to 33 1/3’s series on Aphex Twin’s ambient works (yep). So, basically, make sure Disquiet is on your radar.

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Analog Trash

Analog Trash is way more than a music blog (but it’s that too). In addition to running a blog and radio show (sounds familiar), the crew at Analog Trash also serves as a “socially conscious, independent record label, management, promoter, blogger, internet radio and artist collective based in Manchester, England.” That’s quite the undertaking. And, as bloggers, Analog Trash keeps up a rigorous release schedule to help their readers stay up-to-date on hot, new singles from artists making waves – from their own camp and beyond.

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Wickedd Childd

This Melbourne-based blog is under the command of two music loving lady tigers: Kristy Smolcic & Amy Smolcic. And, as a music-loving femme-tastic writer on the flipside of the globe, I think that’s pretty cool. From premieres to interviews with artists and more, Wickedd Childd hunt down wicked new music for their fans and followers. They have a special ‘Local Love’ section for those bands Down Under as well… just like we hold a special place in our hearts for all you desert-dwellers.

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Breaking More Waves

This Blogspot music blogger has been around for a solid decade without making to the independent link and that, to me, says something about its integrity. This UK-based publication isn’t trying to get fancy. They want to keep the focus where it should probably be kept: on the music and musicians. Breaking More Waves shares music videos, singles, and even concert reviews for those in the Portsmouth area.

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We All Want Someone To Shout For

This New York-based music blog was founded back in 2008 by Will Oliver who, ten years later, continues to provide the reviews for the site on the regular. That’s commitment. We All Want Someone To Shout For keeps a steady stream of concert reviews coming while interjecting new music reviews from acts you might want to start paying attention to. NYC is sorta a hot spot for new music (or so we’ve been told) and Will Oliver has the 411 on the 718 (and surrounding areas).

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The Metaphorical Boat

Christopher McBride is the podcaster and blogger from Belfast who has stood at the helm of The Metaphorical Boat since 2011. This music blog (and creative content provider) reflects McBride’s own explorations into the sonic world and the artists he encounters along the way, but he lists his all time favs as “Suede, The Cure, Teenage Fanclub, Eels, [and] Vampire Weekend” if that gives you any indication as to where his taste might sway.

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