Radio Phoenix Podcast with The Haymarket Squares

The Haymarket Squares 01

The punkgrass all-stars known as The Haymarket Squares came down to Phoenix Center for the Arts to join us on Rise! at Radio Phoenix. They brought along an eclectic mix of rad, local tracks to share. The complete playlist can be found below.


The Haymarket Squares “Revolt Resist Rebel”

D.G. Scherrer “No Heaven for i Pagliacci”

Jim Bachmann “Day Drinkin”

Ari & Her Banjo “Diana”

Banana Gun “Light On”

The Shivereens “Let’s Go”

The Limit Club “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)”

Travis James & the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists “Broken Kids and Bad Friends”

The Haymarket Squares “Buy My Vote”

decker. “ODB”

Supa Joint “Damn I Wanna Smoke Some Weed”

Andy Warpigs “Chili Pepper”

Roar “Christmas Kids”

The Pübes “Cameltoe”

Originally aired on March 4, 2015.