Radio Phoenix Podcast with Commercial Appeal Records

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Jordan Prather and Clay Dudash of Tucson’s Commerical Appeal Records came down to Radio Phoenix along with labelmate Belinda Esquer (of Head Over Heart). The complete playlist can be found below!

Complete Playlist:

Head Over Heart “Fall Back in Love”

Clay Dudash “Shore for Cranes”

Jess Matsen “Coward Island”

Katterwaul “No Free Meals”

Prom Body “My Paradise”

Bogan Via “Madly”

Brydes “Gila Bones”

Best Dog Award “Successful”

Emby Alexander “Behaves like Beehives”

Clay Dudash “Freight”

Head Over Heart “I Don’t Mind”

The Original Sake “Upside Down”

Orginally aired on April 1, 2015. 

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