Radio Phoenix Podcast with Catherine Vercolli of 513 Recording

Catherine Vercolli

Catherine Vercolli of 513 Recording came down to Radio Phoenix studios at Phoenix Center for the Arts. She brought along some stellar local tunes to share. The complete playlist can be found below.

Complete Playlist:

Sweetbleeders “Some Curiosity”

Lonna Kelley “C to the A”

Colorstore “Ladies and Gentlemen”

Where Are All the Buffalo? “Movement on the Beach”

Karima Walker “Blue Thread”

Treasure Mammal “Postcard”

Letdownright “To Be Young”

The SunPunchers “Coming Through”

Grave Danger “Death Trip”

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “Eh Ya Ya”

Tony Martinez “Frank’s Rag”

Sweetbleeders “Albuterol II”

Recorded live on Aug. 19, 2015.

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