5 Mellow New Singles

Holy Fawn - YabYum Music & ArtsHoly Fawn 


Holy Fawn is the new musical endeavor brought to you by the makers of Owl & Penny; the mysitical, nature-based, indie folk outfit we know and love. “Colossus” marks the debut of Holy Fawn which takes the otherworldy soundscapes we’ve heard from Ryan Osterman before (see Sownbones) and seemlessly integrates more electronica elements and a constantly expanding understanding of song structure. The result is dreamy; ghostly even. “Colossus” offers a promising start for a new project. Give the song a listen here.


Lemon Tree

I’m completely enamored with this debut single from Phoenix’s Lai. “Lemon Tree” achieves a stunning simplicity that enchants listeners from beginning to end. And it helps that Kristina Moore’s voice is absolutely breathtaking. Experimental meets whimsical to create a thing of beauty on “Lemon Tree”. Combining the talents of Moore, Eamon Ford, and Brian Weinthal, Lai is a project we’ll definitely be keeping an eye (or ear) on. Listen to “Lemon Tree” here and join the fanclub.

Bogan Via - YabYum Music & ArtsBogan Via

I Want Her She Wants Me

My favorite electro-pop duo released a cover of the Zombies’ “I Want Her She Wants Me” just in time to tide me over while they’re finishing up their debut full-length. They take “I Want Her She Wants Me” in true Bogan Via fashion: quirky synthpop polished to high shine. You can listen to the cover here and join me in the wait for their full-length if you aren’t there already.

Clay Dudash - YabYum Music & ArtsClay Dudash 


Clay Dudash intially captured our attention for his unique indie-folk sound. We’ve been looking forward to his follow-up of 2014’s Keep You Company for quite some time, but, thankfully, he’s shared a couple singles in the interim so fans could keep up with his new musical directions. Dudash has been working with a producer (Loop Analysis) to push his sound to a new level of danceable. Give “Attention” a listen hereI also recommend checking out Clay’s GoFundMe campaign where you can make a contribution toward the creation of his new EP, Favourable Behavior. More here.

5Sleep Institute

Keep Away the Light

The recently-formed Sleep Institute just put out their debut single, “Keep Away the Light”. These Phoenix alt-rockers have an angsty sound that definitely veers more toward the expermiental-post-rock side rather than anything emo. That, my friends, is a good thing in this not-so-humble writer’s opinion. A respectable start for the Sleep Institute. Give the new track a listen here.