Steff Koeppen Premieres “Nothing In Between”

koeppenSteff Koeppen of Steff and the Articles fame is branching out, musically speaking, to explore new modes of creation all on her own. And, now, Koeppen is gearing up to release her first EP later this month titled, Game We Play.

When asked how this new solo endeavor differs from her work with the band, Steff stated, “Most of what you hear in these tracks was arranged & programmed by myself. These songs are the product of me and a midi keyboard in my bedroom, attempting something with a little more commercial appeal while focusing on unique pop hooks. This synth-pop project is more vocal-centric.”

“Nothing in Between” is a sampling of what’s to come. The powerhouse vocals Koeppen is known for meets spaced-out midi layers for a love song you can dance to on the new single. Listen for yourself below! Digital release for the EP is slated for November 20th so keep your ears open.

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