Best Music Videos of 2015

best music videos of 2015 altBest Music Videos of 2015:

15. Numb Bats
“To Die”

Director: Michelle Blades

14. MRCH
“Highway Drivin'”

Director: Frank Thomas

13. decker.

Director: Matty Steinkamp

12 Giant Sand

Director: Lucy Dyson


Director: Michael J Buckius

10. Captain Squeegee

Director: Matty Steinkamp

9. Gardens & Villa

Director: Austin M. Kearns

8. Katterwaul
“15 Forever”

Director: Krysta Jabczenski

7. Brian Lopez
“Static Noise”

Director: Nadine Roselle

 6. Good Friends Great Enemies
“Who You Are”

Director: Plastic Monsters

5. Lonna Kelley
“No Body No Mind”

Director: Lonna Kelley

4. decker.

Director: Matty Steinkamp

3. Jerusafunk
“El Gitano Borracho”

Director: Plastic Monsters

2. Bogan Via

Director: Young Man

1. Xixa
“Shift and Shadow”

Directors: Martin Daniel Diaz and Paula Catherine Valencia

Best Alien Video:

Sam Means
“We’re Alone”

Director: Too Many Mangoes

Best Band-in-Action Video:

 Fairy Bones

Director: Jeremy Tremp

Best One-Take:

“I Be That”

Director: Jacob Owens

Best Animation:

Captain Squeegee
“The Farce 500 Million”

Director (and Animator): Johnny McHone

Best Live Video

Harrison Fjord
“Approximately 906 Miles”

Director: Freddie Paull

Weirdest Video

Belly Belt
“If You Like to Dance”

Director: Belly Belt

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