Songwriter of the Year: Daryl G. Scherrer of The Blood Feud Family Singers

bffs 01New local supergroup, The Blood Feud Family Singers, started a few years ago but it wasn’t until this past year that we were able to get our grubby hands on their debut release, No Moon. Twelve breath-taking tracks of love and loss that will speak to your soul, if you have any soul to speak of, with Daryl G. Scherrer sitting at the helm penning songs. The band describes their sound aptly as “Americana Noir”: it’s dark and brooding and beautiful. Each track stands out like a short story in a collection by Faulkner, full of strange characters from French brides to injured hitchhikers. There wasn’t even an argument (and this year there were plenty) about who stood out in 2015 as the Songwriter of the Year. It’s Scherrer and The Blood Feud Family Singers.

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