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A lot of new spots popped up on the local scene in 2015, but it’s Valley Bar that has won us over despite its unusually high percentage of intoxicated hipsters. But with drinks like “The Janet Napolotini” and “That’s a Ducey” served in the Rose Room (named for Rose Mofford), we can’t help but let the kitschy cool overcome us. Add to that a great concert calendar that boasts the best of the local circuit as well as national acts in their Music Hall and you’ve got the makings of a happening place to be. Valley Bar goes the extra mile and includes literary events like Bar Flies (a monthly reading series) and Get Lit, a gathering for cocktails and conversation on all things writerly and readerly with Four Chambers Press.

When it comes to the menu, they partnered with Short Leash Hot Dogs to create a unique array of offerings that goes way beyond hot dogs from Pear Salads to Apple Sausage Mac + Cheese. I’m going back soon for the Valley Cristo (Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham + Havarti inside a brioche Doughnut Deep Fried + served with Fresh Current Jam). And don’t even get me started on the dessert doughnuts.

Providing separate spaces for the Music Hall and the Rose Moffard Lounge (aka The Rose Room), allows music patrons space to enjoy a show without having to deal with overly loud conversations or the embarrassing mating rites of young Americans. After all, the lounge is right next door. Grab a bite, exchange verbal niceties, and then head back to the Music Hall to take in the show. It’s like they took the mutually beneficial Trunk Space-Bikini Lounge symbiotic relationship and crammed it into one basement (alas, without the all-ages side).

If you haven’t been there, go ahead and pull up their calendar here. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now find an event that strikes your fancy and make plans. You’ll be glad you did. I also recommend getting tickets ahead of time to avoid a sold-out situation. Valley Bar often has a line of patrons waiting their turn to gain entrance when the early arrivers leave, but a pre-purchased ticket to the show can circumvent all that.

Plan accordingly and give Valley Bar a place on your 2016 Bucket List. More info can be found on their website here.

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There Is Danger performing at Valley Bar during their EP Release Show in May 2015.

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