Radio Phoenix Podcast: Ruca


Haley Grigaitis joined us live on the air at Radio Phoenix for a lively hour of music and conversation. The complete playlist can be found below. Listen to the podcast here…

Complete Playlist:

 Ruca “The Leavin'”

Fayuca “Dirty Girl”

Coobee Coo “Never Gonna Leave Your Side”

Bogan Via “Kanye”

Fairy Bones “Yeah Pretty Yeah”

Mergence “White Bark”

 Ruca “You Crossed Me”

The Hourglass Cats “Too Damn Rude”

Pride Through Strife “2 Fingers”

Taylor Upsahl “Sunflower”

Luna Aura “Dancing with Your Ghost”

The Veragroove “Eastside”

Bear Ghost “Dotab”

Catfish Mustache “Take Me Away”

Scattered Melodies “Community”

Recorded live on January 20, 2016.