Radio Phoenix Podcast: Man Hands

Man Hands

Local punk rockers Man Hands came down to the Phoenix Center for the Arts for another installment of Rise on Radio Phoenix. And of course they brought along some stellar tunes. The complete playlist can be found below.

Complete playlist:

Man Hands “Chloroform”

The Screamers “Vertigo”

Lenguas Largas “Little C’s”

Consumer “Made in China”

Silver Shadows “By My Vampire’s Side”

Mighty Sphincter “Temple Dogs”

Joke Flower “Dirty Hands”

100 Flowers “Contributions”

Poolside Sacrifice “Homicide is Cool”

US Depressed “Motorized Bicycle Male”

Destruction Unit “God Trip”

Spray Paint “I Need a Bag”

Chandails “Cult”

The Feederz “Avon Lady”

Recorded live on June 15, 2016