6 Feisty New Singles You Should Hear

Gringo Star

“Get Closer”

Psych-rockers Gringo Star make acid-tinged alt-rock perfect for summer. Their single “Get Closer” from the forthcoming The Sides And In Between has amped-up energy and a garage rock feel. Gringo Star brings to mind The Strokes at certain moments with their overly saturated vocals, but there is something a little more lighthearted and a lot more fun about Gringo Star. The album drops on Aug. 25th and Gringo Star will be following the release with an Autumn tour, including a Phoenix stop at Valley Bar on Oct. 10th. Until then, here’s “Get Closer”…

Sol Drop


Flagstaff-based funk-rockers Sol Drop are getting ready to release their much-anticipated album, It’s Alright, this coming September. In prelude to this historic event, the band shared the shiny, new, freshly recorded version of “Fake” which originally appeared on their aptly-titled debut, (Demo)lition Sol Drop provides a melting pot of sounds including punk and blues for something funky, fresh, and fierce. Jam out to “Fake” here…


“Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)”

If you missed Hunny when they breezed through Phoenix this summer, you missed out. These SoCal alt-rockers have a high energy sound that carries through to the live setting. Lately, I’ve been spinning their recent single, “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)”, which reminds me of classic Hot Hot Heat. The single forges an infectious combination of garage rock and indie pop. If you dig “Vowels…” check out more online offerings through the band’s Soundcloud page.

Something Like December

“Singled Out”

Phoenix pop-punkers Something Like December dropped a new single this summer, less than a year after their debut EP, Convalescent, was released. It’s good to see these youngsters are keeping busy with the music-making. “Singled Out” has an emo energy and angst, complete with punchy guitars and plaintive vocals.

 Fire The Animal

“Bury My Body”

I can imagine Fire The Animal, or F.T.A., being a perfect fit with some gritty Los Angeles bar. Not the hipster version of a “gritty” back-alley bar, but a real back-alley L.A. bar; the kind that might leave some bespectacled hipster roughed up and robbed in that same alleyway for ordering a craft beer. It’s that kind of garage rock. Give “Bury My Body” a listen here and, if you like what you’re hearing, you can delve further into the album on Spotify before its official release this Autumn.


Rock Eupora

I Wanna Be Alone

This track just might be your new summer anthem. The fuzzy pop of Rock Eupora can be heard on “I Wanna Be Alone”, a sound that certainly reminds me of Weezer (the Blue Period). Angsty lyrics clash against energetic garage rock, but in a good way. Clayton Waller is the man behind Rock Eupora and he writes and records all the music heard here. Yes, every single instrument. Listen to “I Wanna Be Alone” by Rock Eupora here..

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