7 Feel-Good Singles Before Summer Ends

Harper and the Moths

“Lose My Touch” 

Phoenix 5-piece, Harper and the Moths, brings dance-worthy energy to both their live performances and this new single, “Lose My Touch”. Incorporating a variety of musical innovations from the synth layers to the funky horns, Harper and the Moths creates a distinctive brand of indie rock. I hope this single means a new album is in the works. “Lose My Touch” can rev up your energy on your way to a weekend show or maybe you’ll just turn up the volume to turn your shower-time into an at-home dance party.

Mateo Katsu

“A Special Plan”

This little gem of a track has all the mingled hope and angst one stumbles into over summer break. Mateo Katsu recorded “A Special Plan” at the Red House in Los Angeles and you’ll find an earnest sound; without any unnecessary frills. Indie garage rock oscillates from moments of pensive reflection on the present to an energetic chorus about the future. See? Hopeful, in spite of the angst. Released through Miedlena Records, “A Special Plan” from Mateo Katsu can be enjoyed as summer comes to a close and right through Autumn. Make sure you give it that metaphoric spin here…

Matt Ferree

“The Toxic Waste Song”

Matt Ferree has a playful, fun-loving vibe on his new single, “The Toxic Waste Song” – something in the vein of Barenaked Ladies. Clever lyrics (that don’t really deal with anything as depressing as toxic waste) meet a buoyant musicality for a song you can jam to with your friends poolside. Ferree also has a somber side so, if you’re down with “The Toxic Waste Song”, consider delving further into his Soundcloud offerings.


“Love This Feeling” 

From the ashes of Birmingham-based, alt-rockers Remy Zero, the band known as Cheshires has arisen. “Love This Feeling” encapsulates that summer sound as garage guitars mix with listless vocals. The new album drops on Sept. 16th so mark your calendars. Before that momentous event takes place, however, you can spend the dwindling days of summer with “Love This Feeling”.

Cary Kanno

“This is a Wonderland”

Chicago-based Cary Kanno has quite the lighthearted, summertime feel for someone out of the Windy City. “This is Wonderland” combines ukes, banjos, tambourines, shakers and more without over-saturating the sound. Instead, you find a harmonious merging and the effect is effervescent. If you enjoy “This is Wonderful”, I recommend checking out Kanno’s new album, Wonderland, available here.


“Social Media Ghost”

Who hasn’t done a little Facebook stalking? Described as “a pop song for the web stalker,” this new single from Brooklyn-based A.Fox mixes humor and funky musicality for a summer hit that will outlast the single. If you dig “Social Media Ghost”, delve further into A.FOX’s Soundcloud offerings to root out his serious side.

Jesse Ruben

“First Day of Summer”

Brooklyn-based musician Jesse Ruben’s release “First Day of Summer” didn’t actually reach us until the middle of summer, but the infectious pop on this single made it a seasonal fav. The lyrics might slant a little toward the corny side but I’m willing to forgive a lot for the bubbly energy that pervades this track. Check out “First Day of Summer” below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, consider checking out other tracks from Ruben available on Soundcloud.

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