Radio Phoenix Podcast: Phantom Party

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Phantom Party and friends

We’re big fans of Phantom Party so we were excited to spend some time with the band at Radio Phoenix for another installment of Rise! Local music, dank memes, and the band’s anti-vowel stance were topics of discussion. And, as always, the band brought some great tracks from some of their fav bands. We also had our first live, in-studio performance ever on the show, which (for now) is brand new track available nowhere else! Check out the podcast and the complete playlist which can be found below….

Complete Playlist:

Phantom Party “Derby Daze”

Merit “You Can’t Even Crow”

Sunlaand “Idiot”

Dogbreth “New Friend”

Cheap Hotels “Wicked Witch of the West Coast”

Paper Foxes “Marz Attacks”

Troubled Minds “Silk Flowers”

Phantom Party “Charlie (live)”

Celebration Guns “The Volunteer”

Diners “Good Zone”

The Sink or Swim “Revolving Doors”

The Redemptions “Seventeen”

Frequency Within “Astrid”

Good Grief “It Doesn’t Take a Trucker to Drive This Point Home”

Recorded live on August 17, 2016

pp 01

Joshua Capati layin’ in that sweet “Charlie” riff


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