7 Eclectic Singles from Alt to Indie

7 Eclectic Singles 00Feli and the LemonShakers

“Blood in My Veins”

Having a bad day? Feli and the Lemonshakers can cold crush any negative feelings with their tropical-indie sound and vivify your spirits. The L.A.-based band brings to mind palm trees and beaches and rum with their single, “Blood in My Veins”, off their latest release. Feli’s supple voice pairs perfectly with the band’s island sound. “Blood in My Veins” will set your hips to shimmy as your worries melt. This is the kind of song you want to jam to on your drive home from work so consider scoring your own copy of Naïve, the new EP by Feli and the Lemonshakers (available here).  But first, check out “Blood in My Veins” below…

Van William

“Fourth of July”

The debut single from L.A.’s Van William dropped just in time for the holiday in its title, but we’re just getting around to sharing it today… alas. That’s okay. This summery single can still get plenty of playtime around here. William says the song is “about losing your faith and walking away from all the judgement and restriction that comes with it. It’s about the bittersweet feeling of breaking free even though it comes at the expense of losing so much you’ve held dear.” That’s a pretty heavy topic for such an uplifting tune, but the two work together splendidly. Give “Fourth of  July” a listen here…

Arms Akimbo


This mellow number from the L.A.-based, four-piece known as Arms Akimbo combines breezy harmonies and an ascending energy. “Michigan” offers pensive lyrics tinged with a sense of personal loss and offsets the heartache with powerful guitar work certain to lift even the weariest of souls. Arms Akimbo is quite the enterprising act. Following the release of “Michigan” earlier this year, the band also put out an EP called Vignettes over the summer and dropped another brand-spanking-new single in October. Check out “Michigan” below and, if you like what you’re hearing, consider delving further in the complete body of work from Arms Akimbo.

Luke Rathborne

“You Let Me In”

This single comes to us all the way from Brunswick, ME. Luke Rathborne has a weathered voice that delivers soulful, indie-folk tunes. “You Let Me In” has a crisp, New York chill embedded in the music and lyrics. It’s refreshing in this blistering Arizona heat. Rathborne carries a promise of Autumn in his voice. Listen to “You Let Me In” here…

Sans Genetic

“Heartbeat Louder”

There is an enchanting minimalism that kicks off “Hearbeat Louder”, the latest single from Sans Genetic. The Seattle act crafts a mellow but moving number that falls to the pop side of the indie-spectrum. Rich harmonies merge with an expanding musicality that combines such disparate elements as synth and world music on “Heartbeat Louder”. Listen to the new single from Sans Genetic here…

Castle Pines

“Hollow Cause”

This alt-indie-rock band out of Corona, CA doesn’t have that simpering indie vibe. No, Castle Pines is definitely feistier than that. They’re more for those of you who still harbor a bit of Emo in your heart, perhaps those fans of Arcade Fire or Kings of Leon. That kind of indie. “Hollow Cause” will draw you in with its honest lyricism and crisp guitar work set against a dreamy soundscape. But, be warned, Castle Pines throws down. The energy amps up later in the track. Check out “Hollow Cause” from Castle Pines below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, delve further into the band’s Soundcloud offerings.

Gatsby’s Fiddle 

“Spin Around the Earth”

The West Coast act known as Gatsby’s Fiddle released this single in prelude to the unveiling of their sophomore album, Coincidence Lottery. “Spin Around the Earth” pairs Morrissey-esque vocals with steel drums and an upbeat indie rock sound. The single has an Indian summer feel, ideal for the comfortingly warm, late-October days. Take “Spin Around the Earth” for a spin below (sorry, I couldn’t stop myself)…

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