7 Slick R&B Tracks


“Real Good Thing”

Domenico is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer – all talents he demonstrates in his new single, “Real Good Thing”. If that weren’t impressive enough, this artist is only 18-years-old. The mellow permutations on this track will be sure to initiate sway while you’re listening and the subtle layers of vocals throughout the song suggest a strong understanding of song construction. Domenico is definitely a young artist you’ll want to keep an eye on. Listen to “Real Good Thing” here…

Ben Zaidi

“On Saturday”

Ben Zaidi combines pensive lyrics with minimal electronica created in his Seattle bedroom. The result is memorizing. “On Saturday” possesses a subtle beauty like rain on a window or dust particles dancing in a beam of sunlight. The track is more along the lines of future soul in the vein of James Blake than a traditional R&B track, but I would argue that Zaidi’s new single is both soulful and uniquely grafted to its rhythm. So there. Whatever genre you want to cram “On Saturday” into, take a moment to get chill with the music of Ben Zaidi.

Kyle Thornton & The Company

“Fly Girl” 

The Boston-based act known as Kyle Thornton & The Company released a new track from their sophomore (and forthcoming) effort. “Fly Girl” presents a funky, fresh style that reminds me a little of Bad Rabbits. Combining elements of HipHop, R&B, and funk, “Fly Girl” will help you get your jam on. If you dig what you’re hearing, delve further into the online musical offerings from Kyle Thornton & The Company. This is a talented bunch.

Chris Jamison


This is not Chris Jamison’s first rodeo. As a contestant and third place finalist on The Voice, Jamison has already seen some of the ugly in-and-outs of the industry. After being signed to Republic Records, Jamison is ready to move out on his own and “Truth” is the first single from his independent music venture. R&B isn’t just about make-out vibes. It’s also about problem solving in a relationship, then making out. If you dig “Truth” consider checking out the artist’s debut EP, I Am Chris Jamisonhere.

The Marcus King Band

“Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That”

Once you give “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That” a spin, you won’t be surprised to discover that The Marcus King Band comes to us from Greenville, SC. Infusing blues with funk and Southern Rock, The Marcus King Band has their own R&B style; something a little gritty and a lot of fun. “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That” comes to us from the band’s new album, due out on October 7th, so if you like what you’re hearing, you can join us in the wait for the full release.



This smooth single from DecadeZ is the title track from his forthcoming release. The Bay-area emcee/producer creates a chill vibe before laying out some serious relationship goals in the lyrics. “Loved” is a promising introduction to DecadeZ new release which is due out later this year. Check out the new single below and join us in the wait for Loved, the full release.

Sabrie Tramble

“Not the One” 

R&B artist Sabrie Tramble started recording at age 13 so you can be sure that by the time she dropped the vocals for “Not the One”, she was ready. With influences including Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige, she had some pretty big shoes to fill, but I feel she lives up to the job. Sabrie’s vocals are on point on “Not the One”, classic and refined while retaining their soulful edge. The production is stellar too, sounding like a classic throwback jam you should know the words to. Released by the 2621MusicGroup out of Houston, Sabrie’s keeping her eye on worldwide recognition. Preview “Not the One” below, then purchase the jam for your personal collection here.

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