Best Live Band: Playboy Manbaby

best live bandNo one commands a crowd quite like Playboy Manbaby.

It helps that the band crafts feisty hits make you want to pump your fist, shake your ass, and scream your head off. So it should be no surprise that the band has sold out venues all across town from The Trunk Space to the Rebel Lounge to the Crescent Ballroom.

This six-piece superband brings enough energy to the stage to revive a funeral parlor, but when you set them before a packed-out house of writhing fans, Playboy Manbaby delivers a memorable experience every time.

Maybe that’s why they’ve performed this year with such an array of diverse acts, from Jared & The Mill to The Father Figures. Playboy Manbaby is a band that everyone should experience live. Rowdy, unrelenting, and more fun than a monkey on mescaline.

Check out their “Live at Valley Bar” video below to see what we mean…


Previous Best Live Band Award Winners:

2015: Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra
2014: Fathers Day, Jerusafunk, Wolvves

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