7 Soulful Singles

Aunt B

“Oh Lord”

Aunt B officially came together as a band last summer, but the concept had been stewing for a few years between Shane and Megan Baskerville, the married duo that sits at the heart of the 8-piece. All that stewing paid off, however. Shortly after filling their roster, the band was down at Five Thirteen Recording to give shape to their s/t debut album which is due out next month. “Oh Lord” is the first single from that release. Megan Baskerville’s powerful vocals put a sultry spin on the daily task of just plain living. This blues rock anthem will put some steel in your spine. Give it a spin below and join us in the wait for the full release next month.



This smooth single from Cincinnati’s JSPH starts with a stripped down sound, but brace yourself, the energy kicks up. “lifeLESS” ebbs and flows between bedroom chill and full heartbreak. I don’t know what impressed me more: JSPH’s lryrical prowess or his ability to deliver said lyrics in such an emotionally stirring voice. Make sure you give “lifeLESS” a listen below or head here for your own digi-download of the single.

Cadillac Freeze

“El Miraj in tha Garage”

Cadillac Freeze makes psychedelic soul music and it’s pretty stellar. Combining a slinky vocals with a smooth production style, Cadillac Freeze shapes out a totally modern sound on “El Miraj in tha Garage”. And, it was just last summer that the Cali artist released the 18-track album Good Vibes and he’s already punching out new singles. That’s straight hustling. Cadillac Freeze is definitely an artist to keep an ear on. Start with “El Miraj in tha Garage” below or head here to score your own copy of the single.

Rebekah Todd

“Let Me Prove My Love”

Alt-blues musician Rebekah Todd just dropped her sophomore album, the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised thirty grand for the project. The album, Crooked Lines, dropped two days ago and this single comes to us from that release. “Let Me Prove My Love” is a love song for the ages; full of the heartwrenching passion one feels in absence of their love. The North Carolina-based Todd wrote the song for her lover in Santiago, Chile and she has the vocal powers to deliver the angst of that long-distance divide in full force. So brace yourself as you delve into “Let Me Prove My Love” by Rebekah Todd below and then head here for the album from whence the single came, Crooked Lines. 

Baby E.


This soulful single comes to us  from producer Baby E.’s mixtape, Kill the Noise. He worked with ṡtravy to craft “Realize” – a chill number with a hiphop slant I really dig. The kickback attitude of “Realize” stands in sharp juxtaposition to the hard truths it lays out for the listener. Start with “Realize” below and then move on to the complete mixtape from L.A.’s Baby E. (available here). At fourteen tracks, Kill the Noise is one your going to want to set aside some time to really explore.


“Sing No More: An Ode to Marvin, Luther, Teddy and MJ”

Last year Philly artist Reggie made the jump to L.A. to start pushing his sound to new audiences. “Sing No More: An Ode to Marvin, Luther, Teddy and MJ” does just what the title suggests. And, it pays tribute to R&B singers of the past not just with its title, but in the style laid out for us in the music itself, both instrumentally and vocally. My only complaint is that this track closes out in less than 90 seconds. This song feels a bit more like an introduction than a fully fleshed-out single. I mean, hell, that’s a long title for such a brief song. We’re going to need a little more than that next time, but by way of introduction, we’re doing swell. Check out “Sing No More: An Ode to Marvin, Luther, Teddy and MJ” by Reggie below….


“Used To”

Scandinavian R&B? Sign me up. Soon has a bit of the 90s boy band vibe with their soul-pop combo. The band’s recent single, “Used To”, definitely has this vibe as well as all the emotive charge you would expect from the genre. “Used To” deals with the misgivings of love you suspect is slipping away from you. That’s a topic that certainly lends itself to some harrowing feelings and Soon captures that energy. Give “Used To” a listen below.

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