Radio Phoenix Podcast: American Standards

american standards 01Brandon Kellum of American Standards joined us in the Radio Phoenix studios and now the podcast is available for all our listening pleasure. We talked all sorts about the new album Anti-Melody, local bands making it happen, and opening for childhood idols. Take a listen below and catch them on tour in a town near you!

Complete Playlist

American Standards “Church Burner”

Sundressed “A Little Less Put Together”

Not Nearly “Fine Is Never Fine”

Genesis Company “Pain & Agony”

Foxhound “Vines”

Stay Wild “The Killjoy Luck Club”

AmStand “Cancer Eater”

Way Under “High Life”

Ghost Mother “Sad Band”

Steaksauce Mustache “Cat Wins Again”

Resident Peasant “I Can Do Ultimatums Too”


Recorded live on May 3, 2017