5 Music Blogs You Should Check Out (or Send Your Music Too)


This indie music blog has been around since 2003. That’s almost, like, when the internet and music first started hanging out together. And, for all those years, Fingertips has directed its readers to free (and legal) online music and now they offer playlists as well!

Get Money Music

This publication is looking for the next banger, be it Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, or maybe even a really stellar Pop Jam. No remixes so don’t bother shopping that bedroom mash-up here (or at YabYum), but Get Money Music brings you fresh new tunes regularly.

Cruel Rhythm

This Tumblr-based website posts cool images and .gifs along with some pretty sweet tracks from up-and-coming artists. No reviews, no opinions, just a re-post if you make the Cruel Rhythm cut.

Dancing Astronaut

This super pro music blog is a recognized voice in the EDM community for finding some of the best in new dance music. These days, Dancing Astronaut goes beyond mere music news and interviews to concert culture and editorials about industry innovations.

Gems and Secrets

This music blog out of Hollywood is looking for those hidden jewels so root out your very best under-the-radar track to submit. In addition to on-site reviews, they also gather all these gems together on playlists covering an array of genres from Dancehall and Hip Hop to Future Pop, House, and even some Slow Jams.

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