5 Stellar Alt-Folk Singles

by Carly Schorman

Little Quirks

“Run Away”

The family band known as Little Quirks takes a moody turn on their latest single, “Run Away”. The alt-folk trio is comprised of sisters Abbey and Mia, along with their cousin Jaymi. As soon as “Run Away” kicks off, you’ll be drawn into the haunting vocal harmonies and earthy accompaniment. This sounds pretty “Down Home” in the Americana sense for this act from Australia. That might have something to do the with instrumention which includes an upright bass and ganjo (a six-string banjo). “Run Away” comes from Little Quirks’ latest EP, Suzie Knows, which came out on November 2. Give the single a spin and then head here to score the new EP.

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Oliver Hazard

“Caesar Knows”

Oliver Hazard is not a man, but a band… like Harvey Danger or Lisa Savage. This trio from Waterville [Ohio] have a super fun, foot-stomping folk-pop sound that will make you think of gingham dress and summers by the lake, lemonade and potlucks, well, I could do this all day so better to just stop now. Their latest single, “Caesar Knows”, deals with a somewhat somber subject that peaks through the upbeat sound — that of a lost friend. Gang-style vocals and rustic (but energetic) instrumentation will help you deal with your own feelings of loss in a more positive way.  Head here to add “Caesar Knows” to your portable personal music library and toss some support out to Oliver Hazard.

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Tuvaband first started gaining international notice with their self-produced debut last year and now they’re back with a brand-spanking-new EP for all those newfound fans. Combining the talents of Norwegian songwriter Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and British musician Simon Would, Tuvaband manages to achieve a richly emotive work within a stripped-down sound on “Mess”; the title track from their latest EP. Tuvaband keeps it minimal on the instrumentation and production, but the result is compelling enough to beg for a repeat. You can score the digi-download of the EP here, but I suggest snagging a copy of Mess on vinyl from Brilliance Records while copies are still available (limited edition, of course).


Hank Midnight


Brooklyn musicians, Hank Midnight + Lily Cato (formerly of the band Parlour Tricks), joined forces to create this spectral new single, “Flame”. The lyrics on the track look at “the ephemeral nature of all human relationships.” Cato’s languishing voice fits just right with the austere instrumenation as she softly asks,  “You ever ponder impermanence?” This is my kinda song. It has been suggested that this is just the first collaboration so (hopefully) we’ll be hearing more from Hank Midnight and Lily Cato together in the future.




Ohly released their debut EP on October 30th and “Shade” comes to us from that release. This indie-folk act from Detroit fronted by Christian Ohly, has some Americana touches (like the banjo), but it’s the delicate, and emotional, vocal layers that enamor the listener as Ohly recounts the memory of his dad being hospitalized. “Shade” is a slow-burner that will stay with you. Give the single a spin below and then head over to Bandcamp to check out the full EP from Ohly.

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