7 Music Videos from Promising Young Artists

Anastasia Max
“All Went Black”

Fourteen-year-old Anastasia has been performing with her brother, Max, since she was only 9. After five years of music-making, the two are practically seasoned professionals. Check out the slick music video for their new single, “All Went Black”!


Rex Orange County
“Loving is Easy”

Rex Orange County might only be 19-years-old, but his chill indie sound has a maturity well beyond the numeric representation of his age. For the music video to “Loving is Easy”, Rex Orange County teamed up with director and animator Chris Ullens for this stop-animation gem.


Moscow Apartment

These Toronto teens (14 and 15) have enough feisty energy to take down any choreographed boy band in a parking lot. Now, that is a fist fight I would like to see. Maybe for the next music video…. hint. They already have a strong message and a tough message. I dig it.


Toby Randall

British teen Toby Randall gained some serious attention uploading covers to Vine before he launched his debut EP which features this single. “Landslide” demonstrates the range of Toby’s vocal prowess.


Niko Rose
“Tight Skin”

Niko Rose, of the musical Rose family, is younger brother to Nathan and Noah, both of whom we have featured through our publication. Now, we have a new one with his own style making his way onto the AZ music scene.

“I’d Love”

This multi-instrumentalist from Iceland took it upon himself to direct the music video for his new single, “I’d Love”. Auður has already gained some noteworthy attention in his native land, but he’s ready to break big beyond the pond.


Dorian Duta
“In Her Head”

Seattle’s Dorian Duta is thirteen-years-old but he’s already got the pop potential to make it in the industry. And, judging from his new single, he’s already got some emotional insight to pour into his lyrics. High School is going to be a wellspring of new songs for this kid.