Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editors Choice

The senior editors were down at Radio Phoenix for yet another installment of The YabYum Hour picking songs featured right here on this website. Our producer Devin was on the boards and keeping us in check. The complete playlist can be found below.

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The Breakup Society “Slow Day at the Outrage Factory”

Ecstatic Union “Illuminator”

Actual Baby “Easy Now”

Bruiser Queen “Sugar High”

Acorn Bcorn “Evil”

Doll Skin “Daughter”

Calabrese “Down in Misery”

Twin Ponies “Great Big Great”

Tru Vonne “Alright”

Odd Squad Family “Right Now”

Something Like Seduction “Blurry Window”

Holy Fawn “arrows”

Originally aired on Nov. 8, 2017 

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