7 Rad New Music Videos [From Alt to Indie]

Car Seat Headrest
“Nervous Young Inhumans”

Car Seat Headrest is seriously one of my favorite bands so I can’t even begin to express the personal excitement I feel sharing the video for “Nervous Young Inhumans” because it means a new album is on the horizon… sorta. Car Seat Headrest will be releasing the “re-recorded, re-imagined”  Twin Fantasy on February 16th. Get that pre-order in through Bandcamp now!

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Egyptian Blue
“Cut Me A Hole”

This British quartet comes to us from Brighton by way of Colchester. The band has a post-punk-tinged sound that will sit well with young punks and 90s grunge rockers alike.


“Hungover Forever”

T.O.S.O. is a super rad (and rowdy) Tempe band that everyone should know about (if you don’t already). “Hungover Forever” offers some quick shifts in temperament and style while holding to that T.O.S.O. sound: weird desert garage rock. Tune into Radio Phoenix next Wednesday at 7pm to catch the band live on the air with us for The YabYum Hour and I promise I’ll ask what their name means.


Shadow of Whales

The Austin indie pop act known as Shadow of Whales carries a message of rebellion to their generation on their new single, “Runaway”. I feel it’s important to mention that the song is more about being true to your ownself and pursuing your dreams rather than, you know, actually running away.


Faces On TV
“The Image of Boy Wonder”

The Belgium band, Faces On TV, comes to us from the indie-electro side of the spectrum. The hills and valleys that shape the soundscape on “The Image of Boy Wonder” give the song wonderful movement as Faces On TV moves from minimal to orchestral and then back again.


The Soft White Sixties
“Brick by Brick”

It’s often said that times of political unrest lead to a creative surge amongst artists. I don’t have any stats to support that statement, at present, but I will say that this is my favorite song from The Soft White Sixties thus far. “Brick by Brick” will be released on 7″ vinyl in both Spanish and English. Follow the band so you don’t miss out on that release!


Gabe Lopez

This new music video from Gabe Lopez has it all: muscle cars, dance sequences, and a little safe-for-work homoeroticism. What’s not to love? Lopez has earned some hefty songwriting credentials and now he’s ready to break out on his own in indie rock.