7 Weird & Wondrous Music Videos

“Gypsy on a Leash”

This track is about daring to be yourself and the music video directed by Katja Kuhl captures the spirit of that nonconformity rather nicely. We’ve featured the unique aesthetic of Capitano on our site before and this video should help explain why. We dig weird.


Big Bill

Big Bill has been making the rounds on the Austin punk circuit since back in 2011. The band has a quirky style that makes me think they’d mesh well in the PHX weird punk scene. “Pharmacy” is first single from Big Bill’s new LP, Stand By Your Bill, which dropped in November.


The Prefab Messiahs

The Prefab Messiahs offer up a conspiratorial music video for their new single “Psychsploitation”. The animation matches the band’s trippy psych rock sound. Keep an eye out for the new album from The Prefab Messiahs which should be out any day – on cassette through Burger Records and on CD from Lolipop Records.


The Echo Bombs

The Echo Bombs have long been a Phoenix crowd favorite and even made our Favorites of 2017 for their single, “Donnie”. Now the band has a fun, if only a little creepy, music video to go along with the track.

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 Gianni Paci
“In the Middle of the Night”

This track is the lead-in single to Gianni Paci’s EP, I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left. The New York artist kicks up the kitsch and throws on a varsity jacket for his music video for “In the Middle of the Night”.

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Mother Mink
“Doobie Doobie”

Not 100% sure what’s happening in this music video but it is both strange and wonderful. The Swedish band, Mother Mink, seemed to harness some stylistic energy from Tarantino on the music side, but they went straight color-era Fellini for the visual effects. Nicely done.

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Giant Kitty

Houston’s Giant Kitty packs a lot of riot grrrl energy into their rocknroll before slathering on some growly vocals. Basically, what’s not to like? For their latest single, “Et2YT”, Giant Kitty takes aim at the current political climate and all its woes, but they turn up the kitsch for their media-mocking music video.


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