5 Soulful New Singles

Carlos Arzate

“Broken Glass”

“Broken Glass” is the first single from Carlos Arzate’s forthcoming release, Camaleon. The Tucson songwriter went back to soulful music of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke to find the right tones for this latest endeavor and the end result is powerful.  A moving declamation for this era of protest, “Broken Glass” is a promising teaser for what’s to come from Arzate this year.

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Shalyah Fearing

“I’ll Get Over You”

Florida’s Shalyah Fearing might still be a teenager, but her smoldering voice is powerful enough to make you forget that. “I’ll Get Over You” showcases Fearing’s old-school soulful style beautifully. On this track, you’ll find all the anguishing heartache you want from a breakup ballad.


Dan Caplen

“Two Fingers”

We got your radio-ready R&B jam right here with Dan Caplen’s “Two Fingers”. I’m not going to tell just which fingers Caplen has in mind, but I will say this single can help up your sass level when you’re recovering from a trust violation. There’s plenty of chutzpah in this number that will have you busting out the club moves wherever you might be listening. This London songmaker is one to watch.




AfriCali definitely moves things away from Motown’s sense of Soul to a whole different continent. Combining psych-rock, blues, and 1970s Ethiopian music for a World Music slant on Soul, AfriCali will worm its way into your brain and demand a revisit (or several).




Jamaican-born, Ohio-raised Jean-Marie Kapreese Peart might be better known by her stage name, KAPRII. The singer-songwriter got an early start, recording her first single at only 17. Her new single, “Toys”, has a chill vibe and a somber view on love for one so young, but the aloof air adds to the coolness factor. This is the track for those of us riding out the winter with hearts “on lockdown”.

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