7 Chill Music Videos


Kutch combines the talents of Colin Kutchyera and La+ch; two artists (and lifelong friends) from Northern Ontario. And while the song is lovely, the music video the band created to accompany “Collectable” stands out as an accomplishment in its own right. Shot over a period of seven months, the video features real-life collectors.


“Fall Into”

This dreamy indie-pop number from Seattle’s Hibou is a promising teaser for what’s to come from the artist’s forthcoming album, Something Familiar. Some of you might recognize Hibou (aka Peter Michel) from his Craft Spells days, but his solo work is misty soundscape for shoegaze wanderers. Preorder Something Familiar from Hibou on Bandcamp.


 Dana Williams
“There You Go” 

This minimal music video for the stripped-down single, “There You Go”, keep the focus exactly where it needs to be: on Dana Williams’ dazzling voice. New fans should definitely dive further into this artist’s online musical offerings on Spotify and maybe check this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams (with Leighton Meester).  

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 Cale Hawkins
“Deep Dream”

This indie-electro single comes to us from Brooklyn songwriter, Cale Hawkins. “Deep Dream” explores some of the darker thoughts and detachment that accompany addiction. The animated music video has a heroin dream feel that draws you further into the not-quite-reality of “Deep Dream”.


Justin Moody

Phoenix Songwriter Justin Moody released his new cassette last weekend at The Trunk Space. If you missed the show, don’t miss your chance to snag the limited-edition cassette (available here).


Anastasia Max

The brother-sister duo at the helm of the Boca Raton 4-piece might still be teenagers, but they’re ready to hold their own against all those other angsty indie bands of legal drinking age. At only 15, Anastasia Brenner is a seasoned performer with some serious vocal chops.


Toto Bona Lokua
“Ma Mama”

In truth, I have no idea what this song is really  about because my language skills are embarrassingly limited, but the spirit of the music comes across no matter the tongue. Toto Bona Lokua combines the talents to international players from France, Cameroon, and Congo for an Afro-jazz-inspired sound.


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