Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

editor 01In our first Editor’s Choice show of 2018, we pick out a bunch of brand new singles as well as take a look back on some of our favorites from 2017. Dale Rasmussen also joins us to talk up YabYum’s new podcast, Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula. Check it out.


Eli & the Itches “At Least Not Yet”

Nanami Ozone “Careless, Wow”

Susan “Little Notes”

Young Mothers “You were right”

Celebration Guns “Where You’ve Gone”

Whispering Wires “No Buddies”

The Father Figures “Medicine Ball”

Fear and Love “Dark Garden”

Hesperus “Daydream About Sleeping”

The Sunpunchers “Brown Metal Box”

The Wanda Junes “For Now”

Justin Moody “Cowgirl”

koleżanka “A Stranger Now”

The Breakup Society “Slow Day at the Outrage Factory”

The Echo Bombs “Donnie”

Playboy Manbaby “Cadillac Car”

Dadadoh “Trouble”

Laura Jean Anderson “Wont Give Up On You”

Aired live on January 10, 2018

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