6 Fabu Fundraisers – Help Arts in Arizona!

The Black Moods Need a New Tour Van!

Local rockers, The Black Moods, have put a lot of miles on their tour van – more than 200,00 if anyone is counting. It’s time to replace the vehicle and the boys of the band need a little extra help maintaining their hectic tour schedule. Contributors can score All Access VIP passes to shows or even a private portal into a rehearsal session. For the complete list (or to make a contribution), head here.

Help Make the Web Series Desperado Noir 

Tempe filmmakers are ready to get their new project off the ground, but they could use a little community support in making that happen. Dragonfly Picture Studios and Gentlemen Samurai Productions teamed up to bring this compelling narrative to life. They already have 75% of the project (which is about $64,000 for all you nosey folks out there), they just need some help covering the last quarter of their production costs. Perks include digital copies of the episodes, signed DVDs, studio time at Dragonfly, or even a live show from Sunset Voodoo for all you music fans (like us) out there.

Help Baby Teith Move into the Future

Baby Teith, a Phoenix fashion firm for youngsters, has started making a name for their sassy, and ethically produced, clothing line. Their ready to take it to the next level with a new collection before attending the industry trade show, MAGIC:playground, later this summer. Contributors can score some rad swag for the little ones in your life. You can even get the complete collection for the coolest kid on the block. More info here

Help Katie Haverly Record Her 4th Solo Studio Release

Katie Haverly of the band Copper & Congress is ready to go into the studio to record her fourth solo album, The Aviary, “exploration of all of the spaces and cages of the feminine human heart.”  The production costs are high so Haverly will need all the help she can get. She’s accumulated some wonderful offerings for those who contribute including her complete discography or even an original artpiece. Find out more here

Contribute to Mamacita Mexican Food Trunk

Mamacita promises to bring local, sustainable, and authentic Mexican street food to the Phoenix area in food truck form. What more could you want? Maybe tacos in exchange for your contributions? Done. Yes, donors can earn vouchers for horchata and free entrees, catered events, even free food for life. Get your redefined tacos here

Help Michael Moynihan Record His Chronicles

Tucson composer and saxophonist, Michael Moynihan, is ready to record his first debut album, but needs a little community function to realize his vision. An interesting array of awards await project supporters including something called “Phone Sax”. Copies of the album, private lessons or performances, or even an original song composed in your honor are also available options if you want to skip the Phone Sax. More information here