7 Awesome Americana Music Videos

Courtney Marie Andrews
“Kindness of Strangers”

We might remember Courtney Marie Andrews from her rapscallion days of playing guitar off Roosevelt Row, but she’s been moving on up in the musical world and sharing her smokey, Southwestern style of Americana with new audiences. “Kindness of Strangers” comes to us from Andrews’ forthcoming release, May Your Kindness Remain, which comes out later this month.


John Prine
“Summer’s End”

Singer-songwriter John Prine is a personal favorite so I was pretty stoked to find out the musician is planning on releasing a new album (after 13 years) this coming Spring. The Tree of Forgiveness comes out April 13th but you can whet your appetite with this new single.


The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers
“Fools Were Made to Be Broken”

Coming to us from rural Wisconsin, we have The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers with their new sardonic single, “Fools Were Made to Be Broken”. The duo is planning a SXSW release for their new album, Don’t Think About Tomorrow Tonight, from whence this single hails.


Nellen Dryden
“Funny Feelings”

The “cosmic-folk” of Nellen Dryden is earthy and enchanting. Originally from New York, Dryden now calls Nashville home, but she’s heading to Austin for SXSW this year so check her out if you’re planning to be in the area. Before that happens, check out “Funny Feelings” from Nellen Dryden.


Sean Christopher
“A Thousand Hues”

Sean Christopher, a songwriter from the Netherlands now based in the UK, filmed this live on a road to Brioude, France back in January so there’s a short lesson in geography hidden in this moving performance. Christopher wrote the song after reading about a man who lost his wife to a tsunami so he took diving lessons in hopes that he might one day find her again.


I’m With Her
“Game to Lose”

This music video, directed by Genéa Gaudet, was filmed in Koreatown, Los Angeles [CA], but it was at an impromptu show in Telluride [CO] that the trio known as I’m With Her first joined forces.  They released their debut LP, See You Around, with this single and now the band is setting out on a world tour. Maybe they’ll be stopping in your neck of the woods.


The Hooten Hallers
“Further From Shore”

The Hooten Hallers from Columbia, Missouri are heading to Tempe to celebrate the release of their s/t debut album. “Further From Shore” comes to us from that album with plenty of bluesy Americana. Make sure you mark your calendars for The Hooten Hallers on March 14th at the Yucca Tap Room.

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