5 Stellar (Eclectic) Indie Singles

photo by Jackie Sterna

by Carly Schorman

Asian Fred


We really can’t get enough of the innovative indie pop sounds of Asian Fred which is really too bad because this band isn’t exactly forthcoming on the singles front enough to feed the addiction. BUT, all jokes aside, this Tucson act has been garnering attention from all sorts of indie hotspots and, rightly so, because this song is awesome. Bouncy but smart and brooding but with a can-do attitude, “W.P.” offers dynamic piano-driven indie pop ready for that repeat button. And, if you have yet to experience the joys of the Asian Fred sound, you’d better get started on your fandom right now with this number.


The Nova Darlings

“I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)”

The Nova Darlings, a four-piece from sunny Los Angeles, has a lofi sound that definitely meshes with The Trunk Space lofi indie of Phoenix. And, yes, Trunk Space lofi indie is now a thing. “I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)” mixes the self-depreciating with the self-destructive for the perfect soundtrack to a good summer afternoon sulk. The Nova Darlings throw in some garage rock elements to keep the angst feeling real and not too whiny. I’m about this new song and will probably listen to it a hundred more times this summer. You should definitely check it out.

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Upsahl’s new track is as bright as a lemon drop or beach-filled summer day (or that bright yellow coat Taylor Upsahl dons on the single’s cover). It bounces with life but there’s a bit of sullen sass thrown into the lyrics that carries a bit more wisdom that you might glean on that first listen. In fact, the impetus behind the penning of this number hits pretty close to home for me these days. Taylor explains, “Sometimes, shit happens and people will find any reason to complain, but in reality, life is never that rough if you are able to breathe and laugh and be with the person you love.” I mean, seriously, sometimes we all need to cool it with the complaining. “Rough” is that sassy reminder that maybe, just maybe, things aren’t so bad.


Tim Carr

“Take Me There”

Tim Carr’s musical resume sets the expectation bar pretty high. He grew up surrounded by musicians in Marin County, earned his BFA from the California Institute of the Arts, and has already worked with artists like HAIM and Nick Cave. So, basically, I would have to hate him if this song wasn’t quite so lovely. “Take Me There” moves beyond indie-folk to touch upon vintage pop and African drums in the pursuit of something new. Tim Carr has secured a new fan in me with his song, “Take Me There”.




“Lady Sunshine”

Okay, so maybe we can’t offer you much by way of information about the artist known as Appleby, other than to say that his single “Lady Sunshine” is a song you should hear. Appleby appears to be a bit internet shy and adopted his mother’s maiden name as his moniker for his musical endeavors. “Lady Sunshine” is just a little bit playful and a little bit dreamy and saccharine sweet in just the right way for summer love. This single leans heavy toward the POP side of the indie spectrum to achieve an uplifting feeling that floats along with the soundscape. Appleby has more online musical offerings through Soundcloud for those who wish to continue further into his offerings (and you should).

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