Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Editor’s Choice

shawn 01

Mark and Shawn

For this edition of The YabYum Hour on Radio Phoenix, the Senior Editors brought in some of their favorite tracks to share on the air. Featuring intern Shawn Ben on the knobs and buttons, here’s a fun summer playlist to kick back to. Or maybe cruise around to. Or maybe to light something on fire*.

*Our lawyer needs us to state that YabYum does not endorse lighting things on fire.


JJCnV “Teenage Pizza Party”

Cheap Hotels “Honey”

Bats “Beirut”

French Vanilla “Evolution of a Friendship”

Shovel “Monty”

Humble Living “Inside My Own Mind”

The Wanda Junes “All Roads End”

Young Mothers “Gone”

Diners “In My Hometown”

Karen Meat “Share a Dinner”

Willo House “Chow Down”

Shannon Shaw “Broke My Own”

Lana Del Rabies “Disgrace”

Originally broadcast on May 9, 2018