5 Mellow and Moving New Singles

by Carly Schorman

Glass Heart String Choir


Brace yourself. This quiet song about the internal disquiet that often seems to go along with being human is startling for both its beauty and its honesty. The Glass Heart String Choir only includes two players but you’d never be able to guess that from listening to the song’s orchestral quality. Much of that has to do with multi-instrumentalist Katie Mosehauer who provides the violin, viola, cello, harp, and piano on “Wildfires” while songwriter and vocalist, Ian Williams, layers on the hurt with his exquisitely expressive voice. Check out the Seattle musical duo known as Glass Heart String Choir and their new single, “Wildfires”.

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Roman Lewis


Roman Lewis might not yet be of voting age, but his voice is ageless and songwriting timeless. There’s a lot of talent packed into this 17-year-old crooner. On “Rose” Lewis takes on the anguish of the heartbroken and delivers on the emotive energy needed for such a performance. The single, inspired by a William Blake poem, comes to us from Roman Lewis’ appropriately titled debut EP, Heartbreak, due out early next year through Bright Antenna Records. Follow the artist to stay up-to-date on that release.

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Two Hand Union

“Low Down Devil”

This indie-folk duo from Flagstaff [AZ] crafts a rustic roots Americana and “Low Down Devil” carries an air of lamentation that leaves the listener feeling ponderous. The two musicians that make up Two Hand Union find a yin yang fit on the vocal front. “Low Down Devil” is just the first single from Two Hand Union’s debut s/t EP which comes out later this month. Get that pre-order in over on Bandcamp!

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Jordie Saenz

“Make Gold”

Fans of Stephen Steinbrink should definitely give Jordie Saenz a spin. That same soft-spoken introspection and gentle approach to pop marks Saenz’s work. “Make Gold” draws the listener into a deeply meditiative space; if they grant the song their full attention, that is.  And I suggest you do that. Saenz is the type of songwriter that deserves that finer focus. “Make Gold” comes from House Parade, Jordie’s forthcoming release. Follow along on the socials to join the wait for that release.

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Dessie Magee


This Belfast-born, Brighton-based songwriter made some pretty rowdy music once upon a time. So rowdy, in fact, he required throat surgery before a long (and quiet) recovery period. But Dessie Magee didn’t let that detour him from music-making. Instead, he explored his softer sonic side and found new inspiration. “Castle” speaks of Magee’s astonishing tenacity. Powerfully emotional indie-folk paired with the simple aesthetic of a modern day pastoral poem, “Castle” will warm your heart during winter’s chill.

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