Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Editor’s Choice

radio phoenix broadcast 01The YabYum Editors pick some of their favorite tracks that have recently crossed their path and share them you on this edition of The YabYum Hour. Have a listen and find a new favorite song or two (or fourteen).

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Complete Playlist

Sundressed “So Poetic”

Foresteater “Unbutton”

Courtney Marie Andrews “I’ve Hurt Worse”

Alexander Wolfe “Your Love is a Wheel”

Jared & The Mill “Break in the Ether”

The Jolly Llamas “Surfrider”

KONGOS “Real Life”

Jane N’ the Jungle “The Man”

Ben Anderson “Goodbye Serenity”

Calling Blue Jay “The City Shake”

Samia “Milk”

Campdogzz “Run Wild”

Logan Greene “A Place for Stars”

The Blow “True Affection”

Originally broadcast on August 8, 2018