Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Ryan Avery

related records 01Ryan Avery dropped by the Radio Phoenix Studios and brought in a host of incredible artists and a playlist created entirely with Bandcamp links. Weirdo, fun, experimental, pop, punk — we have it all in this playlist. Plus, we find out more about Hi My Name Is Ryan and the ongoings of Related Records, now in its fifth year.

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Hi My Name is Ryan “Family Values Tours ’98”

Black Randy And The Metrosquad “Sperm Bank Baby”

Dear Nora “Love Song for My Friends”

Charlyne Yi “I Shouldn’t Die Tonight”

Jack Toft “Somebuddy Call in a Bomb Threat (My Baby Just Broke up with Me)”

Wimps “Middle Ages”

Liliput “Ain’t You”

Foot Ox “Cough Blood on the Moon Soon”

The Dad “Downtown”

Nation of Ulysses “A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is a Dead Kid”

Galactic Federation of Love “Anu”

Good Throb “Double White Denim”

Gene Defcon “The Wild Boys”

Stephen Steinbrink “Staring at a Rothko”

Like, Listen To “A Woman’s Woes”

James Kochalka Superstar “Pump the Keg”

Originally broadcast live on August 1, 2018. 

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