Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Nanami Ozone

Colson and Jordan from Nanami Ozone joined us down at Radio Phoenix over the summer. We talked about music and played some music and now you can hear that show in #podcast version thanks to Mixcloud. Check out the show and the complete playlist below AND make sure you follow Nanami Ozone because the Phoenix act has a new album dropping early in 2019…

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Complete Playlist

Nanami Ozone “Wet Mouth”

Shannon and the Clams “The Cult Song”

Herbert Walker “Doggo”

Pro Teens “Tulsa”

Dent “Visit Us”

Babies “You’re the Best”

Nanami Ozone “Alone Too”

The Resonars “Definitely Crescent Ridge”

Freezing Hands “Jar of Tongues”

The Spirit Of The Beehive “Natural Devotion”

Huckleberry “Ode”

Dumb “Romeo”

Richard Catwrangleur “Lifeline”

Recorded live on August 15, 2018.