7 Rad Music Videos: The NeoSoul + Funk Edition

“Eye to Eye”

Auckland artist Lou’ana has a stellar new single and visually striking video to go along with it. Basically, she’s doing good things. “Eye to Eye” mixes up a cocktail of Contemporary R&B with some retro jazz and modern pop sounds. And, for the stand-out music video, Lou’ana worked with director Anna Duckworth (and an all-female team) to bring together “intersectional feminism, black girl magick through movement and visual spells,” and it’s so everything right now for me.

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D Fine Us
“Post Truth Era Blues”

D Fine Us is the musical endeavor of Tel Aviv-based producer & songwriter, Tomer Katz, but “Post Truth Era Blues” definitely has a Mississippi Delta flavor mixed in. That might have something to do with Katz traveling to the heart of the Delta to learn about the Blues before embarking on this recording effort. “Post Truth Era Blues” adds contemporary flair to a weathered sound.

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De’Wayne Jackson
“Family Tree”

De’Wayne Jackson is a bit of a musical shapeshifter that refuses to be held by the confines of genre. Combining HipHop, Rock, and Soul, Jackson looks back lyrically at his Southern Baptist upbringing and the “challenges of being young and black in America” on “Family Tree”. This promising artist from Texas has a few tracks available through Spotify and you should hop on that follow button because this is the dude to watch.

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Just ahead of her debut UK performance at London’s Roundhouse, (((o))) released “Yuyu” as just a small sampling of “an ongoing major project” so we can expect more music on the horizon from this artist with an unpronounceable name. (((o))) recorded “Yuyu” in an off-grid treehouse in the jungle using only solar power and a mix of modern and traditional instruments. The result is this chill enchantment.

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Something Like Seduction
“1000 Butterflies”

The indie-rock-reggae fusion act outta Phoenix knows how to lay down a chillaxing vibe on their new track, “1000 Butterflies”, and a cool hometown video to match. Everything about this song has me feeling Spring. The time has come to crawl out of the blankets and sweaters and get ready for some poolside lounging and Something Like Seduction will get you in that sunshine mood with “1000 Butterflies”.

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Kin Kanyon

This Vancouver band is ready for a disco-funk revival and, after listening to this track, I think I might be too. “Fauxtown” is all the fun of the first half of Saturday Night Fever. Mixing soul and psych for a new retro sound, Kin Kanyon creates 70s style soundscapes with a modern sense of fun. This track is just one to be found on Trace of Love, the brand new EP  from Kin Kanyon. So, if you dig “Fauxtown”, consider diving into Trace of Love.

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“Where Does The Love Go”

The L.A. punk-funk act known as Thumpasaurus bring “Where Does The Love Go” which is way more than just another song. In fact, according to the band, this is a “funk opera in five parts ‘starring’ John Travolta” so brace yourself for what’s to come once you smash that play button below. No surprise, we’re big fans of the weirdo efforts of Thumpasaurus… enough to include this epically long funk opera in our collection here.

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