Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Noonday Devils

noonday devils 01Freddy and Joey of Noonday Devils joined Anna, Bonnie, and Garrett in the Radio Phoenix studios for this edition of The YabYum Hour. Not only did they discuss the recording of their new album for Fervor Records, they talk about the Phoenix music scene, and play a bunch of great tracks that they brought in to share.

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Noonday Devils “Flushed”

Oblivians “Part Of Your Plan”

Emperor Asshole “Red One Dies”

Shovel “Scummy Lovely”

Steel Pole Bath Tub “Train To Miami”

AC/DC “Squealer”

Noonday Devils “Foxglove”

Burning Brides “Stabbed in the Back of the Heart”

Elvis Costello “I’m Not Angry”

Skeemin’ Nogoods “Supercharged”

Hot Snakes “Salton City”

Originally broadcast on January 22, 2019