3 Fresh Indie Sounds

by Carly Schorman

Chateau Chateau

“I Saw Your Face”

This new single from Chateau Chateau comes from the Tucson band’s brand new LP, Princess, which came out last Friday. “I Saw Your Face” kicks off the eight track release with its vibrant dream pop vibes. Chateau Chateau goes for luscious synth-infused soundscapes and buoyant energy. Lots of bands are making colorful nostalgia-tinged pop at the moment, but few go full on prismatic in the way Chateau Chateau manages. Check out “I Saw Your Face” here, but make sure you continue your way through the rest of Princess on your preferred listening platform.

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“The Heat”

This up-and-coming artist, songwriter, and producer from Dorchester (just outside Boston) is ready to make some waves with his debut EP which is set for release this Fall. On “The Heat”, Khamari takes a chill sonic approach to the difficulties of a relationship gone south. The relaxed atmosphere of Khamari’s indie R&B sound keeps things calm as his emotive voice carries the listener through the heartache to the point of plotting an escape. Khamari wrote and produced “The Heat” himself. Take the single for a spin and join us in the wait for the new EP later this year.

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sweater boy

“i think i lost a friend”

Nashville-based musician David Moran started sweater boy in 2019 by mixing up elements of bedroom indie, alt pop, and more to give shape to his own unique sound. And, as much as it’s a unique sound, sweater boy possess a certain spirit that makes it stand out: an authenticity, a self-deprecating honesty, a measure of sorrow balanced by an equal measure of hope.  All of these elements can be heard on “i think i lost a friend”, the new single from sweater boy, which addresses the complex feelings that follow in the wake of a relationship. I don’t know if this song holds an extra special place in my heart because I’m dealing with my own feelings of loss on the close-friends-front, but I know that I will still be excited to hear it when it pops up on my playlist later this year. Or next year. And it will.

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