Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Ancient Egypt

ancient egypt 01Ancient Egypt joined Anna, Bonnie, + Garrett in the Radio Phoenix studios on this #archived edition of The YabYum Hour. Find out about Sean’s love of Japanese shoegaze, some rad Australian references including Lunchbox’s outfit, as well as an eclectic playlist brought in by the band.

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Ancient Egypt “Touchdown Jesus”

She Her Her Hers “Initialize”

The Lucksmiths “Don’t Bring Your Work to Bed”

The Apples In Stereo “Dance Floor”

She Her Her Hers “Tiny”

Swamp Dogg “Creeping Away”

Celina González (feat. Reutilio Domínguez) “Qué Viva Fidel”

Dr. John “Mama Roux”

Doms “Human Kong”

Les Smockers “Sarotra”

Ancient Egypt “Canned Food”

The Squalls “Na, Na, Na, Na”

Originally broadcast on July 24, 2019

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