Radio Phoenix Broadcast of It’s Not Our Fault: Our Parents’ Music

our-parents-music-1On this very special edition of It’s Not Our Fault, Tom and Amy play “your parents’ music” or, more specifically, “their” parents’ music. They share some music they first heard through their parental units, how they felt about it then, and how they feel about it now. Stick around for some interesting songs and stories from the INOF crew.

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Our Parents’ Music Playlist

Led Zeppelin “In the Evening”

The Doors “Waiting for the Sun”

The Doors “Peace Frog”

The Ventures “Percolator”

Harry Nilsson “Me and My Arrow”

Kris Kristofferson “From the Bottle to the Bottom”

Dr. Hook “Cover of the Rolling Stone”

Deep Purple “Hush”

Leon Redbone “Nobody’s Sweetheart”

Fleetwood Mac “Second Hand News”

Originally broadcast live on September 18, 2019