5 (Other) Music Blogs You Should Check Out

Perhaps my least favorite part about the music blog grind is the number of talented artists we don’t have time or space to cover. That’s why we think it’s swell that so many other music publications exist both near and far. Maybe YabYum is seeing to your indie rock needs, but you feel a little let down on the Industrial / Noise front. Or maybe we’re just not seeing to your reggae needs. Whatever it is, we’re still on the watch to make sure you have the best in music from Phoenix and beyond… whether or not we write the review.


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Nothing But Hope And Passion [NBHAP] has been focused on the “power of creativity” and the “emotional force of music” since its inception in 2010. Now, a decade later, NBHAP is part of the Vice content network. The creative team behind NBHAP brings readers regular in-depth interviews, music reviews, and more. And they accept direct submissions just in case you think you might be the next big thing to hit their ears.

The Wicked Sound

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The Wicked Sound brings you the best of what’s new from the worlds of funk, jazz, afrobeat, soul, reggae, hiphop and more! Whether your interested in Polish nu-jazz, Brighton-based soul, or that long-lost Miles Davis album, The Wicked Sound has something for you. And, their regular Spotify playlists make it easy to keep up on all the wickedest sounds.

Balloon Machine

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Our local scene supports a lot of Alternative & DIY acts so I feel Balloon Machine would feel right at home in our dusty desert city. Likewise, I think a lot of our readers might take interest in the music picks of Balloon Machine featured in their interviews, reviews, and playlists. Perhaps best of all, Balloon Machine is keen on finding new music to share with their followers so consider sending your DIY numbers to Balloon Machine for consideration.

Brutal Resonance

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There are a lot of genres that we don’t get to cover all that often, but thankfully, there are publications like Brutal Resonance to pick up where we leave off. Brutal Resonance covers “genres like Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Darkwave, Noise and all their sub- and similar genres,” for all you Night of Neuralgia fans out there. Brutal Resonance goes beyond interviews and music reviews to also offer opinions on movies and other media formats. Brooding is more than a music preference; it’s a lifestyle.

The Mad Mackerel

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Indie music lovers look right here. The Mad Mackerel runs the gamut from Americana to folk to garage rock and psych… basically, anything that folx might group together under the banner of  “indie” these days. The blog makes regular musical offerings in the form of artist updates and reviews. And, for independent music-makers out there, The Mad Mackerel posts up their submission guidelines including ways to bribe them (Twitter likes, for example) so make sure you don’t send them any remixes. Don’t send them to us either.

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