Music Video of the Day: “Perpetual Slip” by Arizonan Summer

Arizonan Summer
“Perpetual Slip”

This alt-rock act from Scottsdale is the creative endeavor of musician and songwriter Chris Reiswig. There’s something a bit nostalgic about the rocknroll heard on “Perpetual Slip.” Reminiscent, perhaps, of listening to the tunes pouring out of your dad’s radio on a hot summer day back when you were a kid. This single comes to us from Arizonan Summer’s debut LP, Temperatures Rise, which dropped last summer. The music video for this single, however, is brand-spanking-new as of last month. Reiswig has some mad skills as a guitarist but he’s still shaping out his own aural aesthetic. Nevertheless, he’s off to a stellar start with Arizonan Summer. Check out “Perpetual Slip” and the album from whence it came which is available for preview and purchase over on Bandcamp.

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