Tastemaker’s Ten: Gabe Santillan

Gabe Santillan is a Phoenix musician (and music teacher) who lives to bring the funk to every musical endeavor he’s involved in from the electropop duo SLWLY to the groovy Hot House Orchids to rocking Jaty and The Black Stallions. Of course we were curious to learn if a musician of such eclectic output draws from an equally eclectic myriad of inspirations so we asked this local Tastemaker what TEN SONGS he thinks EVERYONE should hear. Check out Gabe’s picks below!

Larry Graham & Graham Central Station

Gabe Santillan: The creator of slap bass, and Larry Graham has all white everything for a reason.

Breaker Brothers
“Some Skunk Funk”

This song rips.

“Elevators (Me & You)”

OutKast will forever be one of my major inspirations. 

Blind Guardian

There is metal in my blood and it tends to be mighty. 

The Black Dahlia Murder
“Paint It Black” [Cover]

The Black Dahlia Murder has been making the best deathmetal forever at this point. After I heard this cover in high school, I was addicted.

Four Tops
“Reach Out (I’ll Be There)”

Motown with a major vibe in a minor key, it gets my motor going.

Stevie Wonder
“I Was Made To Love Her”

Stevie Wonder is one of our nations national treasures, and the lyrics make my eyes water when I think about my love Rachel Callahan.

Bone Thugs N Harmony

I’ve been listening to this song since the second grade. Singing in 5-part harmonies is gangster AF.

Van Halen

This song makes me fly. 

Duran Duran

Oh goodness do I love 80’s music, this bass line is so much fun to play. Who wants to start a nu wave cover band that goes for it FULLY?

And, we had to include a video from one of Gabe’s own projects, right?? 

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