Music Video of the Day: “A Pastel Sky” by Citrus Clouds

Citrus Clouds
“A Pastel Sky”

The Phoenix trio known as Citrus Clouds has a brand new music video for a song that should be their theme song. I mean, it has all the key Citrus Clouds ingredients: there’s a gentle oversaturation of sounds that create waves within a sonic ocean balanced against the atmospheric vocals. When brought together, the music leaves you feeling like you’re floating through some brightly colored dream world. The music video for the single, directed by Daniel Garfield, matches the aesthetic so very well with hypercolor cityscapes and mystical visions. There are some great cameos from the band’s home state (shout-out to the Giant I-10 Baby) both in the video and in the song itself. Afterall, no place does “A Pastel Sky” quite like the Sonoran desert and Citrus Clouds captures that hazy beauty here…

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