Lisa Albinger Answers the YabYum Seven

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photos provided by Lisa Albinger

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am a mixed-media painter, a visionary, a Grey Gardens fan, the mother to a super calm long haired chihuahua mix who thinks he’s a cat/human. Picking him up off the street changed my life. My current work touches on the human body, health, maps and sexuality. I’m taking a road trip through my body, acknowledging it’s pains, the scoliosis, my mind, and exploring the connection of sexuality and the physical body in today’s society. Feminism is a theme that has surfaced in my realm and I’m beginning to speak about that in my work.

2. How did you get your start?

With crayons in a round cookie tin my Grandmother kept in the kitchen closet. I knew when I was 5 that I wanted to be an artist as an adult. In first grade I cried at recess because I was afraid of the wind and a group of 4th grade boys would make fun of me, calling me Windy. This was in Catholic school. One day I drew E.T. and they saw I could draw much better than them. They never bothered me again. It was probably then I knew I had some kind of art talent.


Lisa Albinger 02

“Birds of a Feather”

3. What inspires you?

The philosophy and art of Frank Lloyd Wright, the work of Woody Allen, and the constant desire to create. Every moment is a conscious moment of creation; the way I hold myself when I walk, my voice and the words I use, the way I hold utensils… I can always be better. Life inspires me. Life is art.

4. What do you like about AZ?

I’ve met some of the most amazing, kindhearted people in Arizona. I enjoy the desert landscape and the neurotic little lizards that scamper in front of my feet. I’m not a fan of snow after growing up in it in Wisconsin, so that’s the main reason I’m here.




Lisa Albinger 03

“Dearly Beloved”

5. Where can we see you(r) work?

On my website, I have work in the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum permanent collection. Right now I have work at R. Pela Gallery.

6. What would you like to accomplish before you die?

Live in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. Do work for Burberry, Prada, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton. Have my work in movies by Woody Allen and Louis CK. Basically I want to create with and for those who have inspired me. I want to give back.

7. What is your mantra?

Universe, help me help you.


LIsa Albinger 04

“Her Words”

Lisa Albinger 05

“The Darndest Time”

Lisa Albinger 06


Lisa Albinger 07

“The Memories of Rice”

Lisa Albinger 08

“9 Lives”

Lisa Albinger_Pear-Honey-Brie1000

“Pear-Honey-Brie”. Read an excerpt about this piece by Lisa on her blog here.

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