Music Video of the Day: “Summer Rise” by Hansom Ēli

Hansom Ēli
“Summer Rise”

Hansom Ēli combines the talents of Camille and Alexy Guérer of Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north. The Montreal duo released this feel-good summer single and it just might help you work through the frenzy of the year. Blending an array of musical styles from indie-folk to R&B creates the carefree atmosphere of “Summer Rise”. The music video encapsulates that same feel. Just easygoing summer days slipping by without plans or worry. Back in a world where friends could hang out and chill. Maybe we can return to that world soon. Maybe even (probably not for us in the U.S.) before Hansom Ēli releases their debut EP this Fall. Spend a nostalgic moment in days of summers past with the music video for “Summer Rise” here…

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