Bragg’s Factory Diner

Wait a minute. A new diner is opening downtown so Bragg’s Pie Factory will actually be serving pie?! The new Bragg’s Factory Diner is also vegetarian/vegan? When I think it couldn’t get any better, I learn that the diner is the collaborative effort of Liam Murtagh (from my favorite local ska band Liam and the Ladies) and Dana S (from my favorite local punk band JJCnV). I might have peed a little from the excitement. Just a little.

Composed in time for the First Friday opening, I made my way downtown to Bragg’s Factory Diner for some pre-show coffee’n’pie. My fella and I instantly developed a new First Friday tradition. We got there halfway through their two-hour sneak peek before assuming the regular hours (Tuesday-Sunday, 7 am – 2 pm). We went with the two types of pie remaining after the early rush: key lime and blood orange. They proved to be the most unexpectedly delicious creations. I say “unexpected” for two reasons because, of course, some level of yummy was to be anticipated. What was unexpected was the subtlety, the gentle interplay of sweet and tart, to achieve the perfect pie. And, I must say, they serve a damn fine cup of coffee. So, Liam and Dana are musical phenoms and culinary provacateurs. Whatever.

The menu promises healthy, innovative options that appeal to the palate of adventurous eaters and more traditional palates alike. I’m a big fan of vegetarian eateries but I don’t do soy at all, ever. That makes vegetarian dining difficult more often than one might expect. Bragg’s Factory Diner seems to have a different approach to vegetarian dining that doesn’t rely solely on soy. Certainly, it’s an option, but it’s not the only option. Key lime pie that uses coconut and almond milk and not something derived from soy or the pus-filled udders of some tormented beast? Sold.

I’m definitely returning. Soon and often. My coffee’n’pie night was accompanied by a perusal of the daytime menu. I can’t wait to try “What teh Waff?!”, a sweet and savory coconut-curry waffle. And the southwesterny “Bwiscuits & Gwavy”, homemade corn biscuits smothered in creamy poblano gravy, also caught my eye. From beet burgers and kale salads to good ol’ fashioned scrambled eggs and pancakes, Bragg’s Factory Diner aims to please.

An assortment of fresh pies and pastries will be available daily. I’m following the diner on Facebook just so I can keep my eye out for more appearances of the rustic rosemary apple pie. If you plan on taking an entire pie home for your loved ones be sure to order in advance. Such splendor requires patience (and a 24 hour notice).

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